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Flight simulator models 
This is my interpretation of the Fairey Barracuda, there are now two models in the download a Mk2 and a Mk3
It would probably be a good idea to have a look at the enclosed readme file and also to put the VC light effect into the relevent FSX folder Download Fairey Barracuda Avro Shackleton MR 3 DOWNLOAD SHACKLETON DOWNLOAD GANNET AEW.3 DOWNLOAD GANNET AS1 DOWNLOAD GANNET AS6 Beagle Basset CC1 download. download. download. download. DeHavilland Sea Hornet NF 21 DeHavilland Sea Hornet F20 DeHavilland Hornet Mk 1 DeHavilland Hornet Mk 3 DOWNLOAD LeVier COSMIC WIND download Twinpin. download. DOWNLOAD CESSNA 310Q AMBASSADOR Mk2 BEA AMBASSADOR DOWNLOAD CESSNA 310B Hunting Percival Pembroke DOWNLOAD PEMBROKE DOWNLOAD PEMBROKE C54 SEAFIRE PAINTKIT DOWNLOAD FSX SEAFIRE Shorts 360 for FSX & P3D DOWNLOAD SHORTS 360
Putting the contents of the enclosed effects folder into the
Flightsim effects folder would be something I’d advise
The lady co-pilots Ray.Bans can be removed with the “L” key  
DOWNLOAD SHORTS 360 PAINTKIT DOWNLOAD AI SHORTS 360 Hunting Percival P57 Sea Prince DOWNLOAD SEA PRINCE PAINTKIT FSX SEA PRINCE DOWNLOAD 360 TURBOPROP SOUNDS Older FSDS models DOWNLOAD SHARK for FSX Download Beagle Pup Built in Blender Built in Blender Built in Blender Built in Blender Built in Blender Built in Blender Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer